Friday, August 1, 2008

A Whole New World

I bet you are wondering what I have been doing since my last post? well.... i have been in the hospitsl drugged out in my usual stupor. When i got home from the hospital my mom was home (for those of you who don't know where my mom was she was in the city of hope with leukemia). We both were laying on the couch until she got sick with pneumonia and ended back in the hospital. that was when my brother Greg from Hawaii came down. He spent a week at my mom and dads timeshare. then a week later he came to our house and stayed there. Finally the Piest De Resistance My brother Jeff and His wife Jennifer and their three kids are here. if i forgot anything people will start reminding me and I will write it on another post. Until then she you on the flip side.

Your friendly blogger the slickman


Britmeister said...

Whats up!? Yay for games! Im glad your at home and doing better! Guess what?!.......................................................................

Donna Johnson Sant said...

Ahhhhhh Slickster, finally shows his face and is back amongst the Cyber World, huh! HelloOoooo Ricky and WELCOME BACK!!!!

You and Mom just have to stop playing follow the Leader! At this stage of the game it is confusing as to who is leading and who is following? LOL

Now with that out of the way, how’s the Family company going? I’ll bet there are tons of game being played and every body doing all kinds of good games and stuff! GOOD, that is just what any Doctor would have order up for you! :D

So have you played any new card games, with those slick cards from the Hawaii Culture Center? How about have you all been shaking and dancing with the new musical instruments from Hawaii?? LOL No doubt those keep you all in 'stitches"!!! Take pictures and post them, why don't you??? I'd be interested in seeing them! :D

Well keep on keeping on Ricky!! See you when I get back home, ok!

*smooches* Donna Sant

Dro said...

Slickdog back in the hizzy. Nice to see another post from SlickRick not Frosted Flakes. We'll be up there this weekend so we will catch up then. U DA MAN!!!

Jen said...

Hey Rick, glad your back!!! We had so much fun last weekend....Mario Kart Wii rocks! Have you been reading the book I got you? Or just hangin out watching, let me guess.....Law and Order?

Stephanie said...

Is there a hidden meaning to "she you on the flip side"? Is there a woman in your life we don't know about?